What Is Success For You!

August 22, 2017


We are all striving to be successful, but do we know what success is?


I get so many emails and message of people saying “congratulations on your success” - and I stop and think what are you congratulating me on?  How do you know that I am successful and how are you defining Success??  


I personally find that success is such a widely used term… because we all assume that success is the same for everyone - so if someone has a good career, wealth, seems to be happy (on social media) AAAAAND have lots of followers then they are by default successful!!! 


BUT that’s so far from the truth!! It’s not one size fits all definition … Not everyone is seeking the same thing - success is not defined by what you have - it is not a destination it’s a journey.!!! The issue is that a lot of women I coach and mentor all want success - but when I ask them what is success for them - they look at me in confusion ! They have no clue how to define success for them? They start mentioning everything wordly that society makes us believe is success - but when you actually take the time to sit down and define success for you - it will be a very different picture than what society paints it to be.  


The purpose of this post is to highlight the importance of knowing what you want and being ok with wanting things that are so different than your friends and colleagues - success is different for everyone. 


I know you're thinking ok Maddy what is Success for you:


I will start by saying for the longest time I measured my success with how much money I made - until I had a spiritual awakening and realized:


Success for me is Freedom.  (That’s it, That’s all).


By being an entrepreneur - I have the freedom of creating my own schedule - doing as I please with my day - and selecting what projects I want or not want to work on.


Having the disposable income to allow me to take the risks I want to feed my passion projects and in turn make them part of my every day life.


Having the freedom to schedule a few days away without having to answer to anyone.


Having the freedom to wake up in the morning and just drive to a café and work from there all day.


Having the freedom to take the month of December off and leave to Florida with my family.


Freedom for me is loving my job so much that it is not a job, but it is my LIFE! It is preferring to work sometimes over going out, it is the excitement of knowing that I will be home alone and I will have a few hours of un-interrupted work - not because I HAVE to do it - but because I JUST LOVE WHAT I DO!


So now that you know what success looks like for me - how about you try it? Take the time to really think and define your success???


Please do share with me or if you want to share on social media and own your truth - use the hashtag #maddyktribe !!!


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