What Season are you in?

September 21, 2017


We always talk about the seasons mother nature goes through… from summer to fall to winter and spring… the beauty of each season is so unique and special - that if we imagine a world with just one season, in my opinion it would be a boring world!  


What we don’t talk about is the seasons we go through in our lives… personally.  We all have seasons - seasons in life that prepare us for what’s to come next.. the new season… some seasons are wonderful, blissful and just so fantastic - and then there are seasons in life that are filled with grief, sorrow and uncertainty!!! 


We are created just like nature to go through all these seasons… the mixed emotions, the storms, the seasons of laughter and joy but then the seasons of uncertainty and questions… It is during the difficult seasons that we grow, we learn and we blossom !!! 


What season are you in my friend???  The summer was a busy season for me… although with years I have learnt to manage my stress level (I actually hardly ever get stressed anymore) - I do however get overwhelmed when there are so many events and projects happening at the same time… summer months are those months… months of just doing - not much thinking is happening in the summer months. I am moving forward, on a strict schedule, minimal distraction … eyes always on the finished line !!! 


Then comes fall… my favourite season of all - where things quiet down… where I have the time to re-evaluate things, I call it the season of renewal… season of feeding my soul and turning my focus on all things that I have neglected during the summer season.  The funny thing is every year when I get into this season, change happens - I dig deeper and deeper and when I thought I can’t get any deeper - comes the next year and I get deeper and realize I have so much much more to discover about myself - is it because I don’t know what I want??? No, it’s because with every season and every year - something is shifting in me… something shifts in all of us… which is why it is so important to slow down at one point and reconnect with your self… during this time you might have to re-evaluate your goals, your dreams, your wants, your desires… because just like you’ve been growing and changing - so have your dreams, wants and goal. What seemed so attractive a few years ago - you no longer crave or want! What seemed top on your priority list no longer is on your list at all… What you THOUGHT you wanted to achieve and work towards suddenly does not seem as exciting as it was when you thought of it a few years ago… and then comes the confusion!!!


In my prayers - I always ask for clarity - clarity for my path. Some sort of sign that I am on the right path and some sort of sign on whether or not I am fulfilling my purpose in life… of course no one knows for sure, but we do have that intuition that tells us what we need to be focusing on this season in our lives… we do have that voice in our gut telling us what to prioritize and what to put on the shelf for this season…  so many of us walk around confused - are we doing the right thing, is this for us ? Is this what happiness feels like? Are we on the right path? Are we content? Do we want more? Do we want less… so many questions that go through out heads!!!! What to do??


My life experience has been that just like Nature transitions into it’s next season slowly but surely … preparing itself for what’s to come - us too need to do that… we can’t focus on the seasonS to come… we can only focus on the next season that we are entering… we will deal with the winter, spring and summer of our lives in due time - but for now lets’ focus on AUTUMN!!! When seasons transition this is our sign to slow down, to take the quiet moments needed to reflect and prepare for the coming season, to think of what we want to do, what we want to achieve and what we want to feel in the coming season!!! We need to take the time to highlight all the things that are important for us… create a wish list for fall!! We are constantly complaining that we have no time , no time , no time… truth is we do have the time, we just don’t make the time - because we are not focused enough - we are not organized enough and we don’t plan in advance! We are led by our problems & emotions instead of leading our life by purpose!!! 


Join me in creating a list of all the things you wish to do this fall - if it’s a new project you want to launch - do it. If it’s a YouTube Channel you want to start - DO IT! Do you know how many women I meet daily that tell me - I wanna start a blog, but don’t have the time - I wanna create a pod-cast but I’m just so busy hustling… I want to BUT… If you are not dedicated enough to satisfy and prioritize your wants and your dreams - then how do you expect for them to happen???  It’s not going to happen just by you talking about it? It’s going to happen by you making a plan - and sticking to it… one step at a time.


The list does not only have to do with work… it can be personal - it can be anything you wish! 


Here’s a glimpse of my list:


This fall I want to:


  • Take more walks in nature and appreciate the changing colours of the trees.

  • Focus on my house - finish the decoration of some of the rooms the have been neglected because I have had no time! GUILTY! 

  • Continue shopping for my dream home - this might take years… but I have come to accept that when the time is right , it will happen - until then I will embrace what I have.

  • Write out Thank you cards to those people that have touched me in the last 12 months (I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time and haven’t had the time.) 

  • Read and Journal more often.

  • Take time to plan my year more efficiently - to allow for me to be more organized through out the year.

  • Put down the phone - even if it means I miss the perfect Photo Opp.

  • Get into the routine of working out - ( I already have stated that and want to make sure I stick to it)

  • De-Clutter my closet and acknowledge that I have a shopping problem :( - But why is it that I shop but I always end up wearing the same things over and over again??? HABIT? EASE? I think Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg were onto something.

  • Make time to have friends over for dinners ( I won’t be cooking - I will cater but I will make sure the table looks pretty ;) - I have come to terms with my weaknesses and know not to try to challenge them.

  • Pray and worship more …  When I pray I feel God gives me that sense of clarity I need to focus on all those things that matter most.

  • Be Still - if you know me, you know that is the hardest thing for me to do! I am always BUSY - MULTI-TASKING & if you know me really well - then you know I am always working on a new project… ALWAYS… ALWAYS ALWAYS.. it’s like I a crack addict and if I don’t do it I will die without it! So this season, I will do my best NOT to create new businesses or projects other than the ones I am already working on!!! 

  • ROAD TRIPS & TRAVELING - I have already planned this because if we don’t plan it won’t happen.

  • Volunteering - I want to help my community - get involved in my church and help those in need 

  • Make the Maddy K Toy Drive even more successful than it was last year!!

  • Create memories with those I love - my husband, kids, family and friends!


What’s on your fall list??? Share them with me - when you share with the world, you are by default more accountable to it!!!


Ultimately - remember there is no right or wrong list… there is one thing - your truth and what speaks to your soul this season!!! If for this season your focus is to work on your marriage - then do it with your heart and soul. If it’s to focus on your studies or your new born baby  or you have decided to home school your child and you want to focus on that… so be it!!! 


We are all UNIQUE and our list and seasons should also be UNIQUE!


Sending you all much LOVE!



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