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What do you do?

I've been struggling for years now with this question. You meet someone and within minutes into the conversation - comes the question: So what do you do??

Why is it so important what I do? Why do you really care to know? It's because we are all programmed to categorize people in our heads and put them in a box.

So typically the conversation would go like this:

Me: I design events.

Jane: Oh ya?? What kind of events?

Me: All types of events?

Jane: Oh do you do weddings???

Me: Yes we do weddings? OMG so you're a wedding planner - that's so amazing, what a job, do you have any bridezilla stories??

At that point you've lost me - I've so moved on and the conversation ends right there and then.

But I would be so upset at myself for playing the game - why did you even answer that Maddy?? Why did you feel you had to explain to the person what you did and justify to them that YOU ARE SOMEONE! Is it because you wanted to feel like you were someone - or was it because we all need to have a title - and that was my title I held on to for the longest time because It was my cushion... it was my comfort zone - it was what was familiar and felt good!!

Why is it that we need to hold on to titles to feel good about ourselves - why is it that we get our sense of belonging with what we do rather than being so proud of 'WHO WE ARE'. It really doesn't matter what we do... because if we are living a life by design - chances are what we do evolves, changes and our sense of belonging should not come from 'our job' or 'our career' or 'what we do' !!!

So after thinking about the question for the longest time - I know now what I will be answering anyone who asks me 'What do you do??"

Anything & Everything I put my mind to!!!

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