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The Ugly Comparison Game

Comparison - Have you ever found yourself scrolling through social media and coming across one photo after the other - and find yourself saying: I want that family! I want that car! OMG she's so lucky! I want her life! I want her hair! I want her boy friend or husband or wife or girlfriend!!! I want her business! I want to dine there! I want that ring! I want to travel around the world just like him! The list is endless - we've all done it at one point or the other - but question is have you ever taken a moment to feel your energy while you're doing it?

How do you feel when you're done scrolling?

Many years ago - I used to spend hours obsessing over other people's lives... people I had never met - people I didn't even know or speak to - but I wanted their lives!!!! I loved everything I saw on social media and I just wanted my life to be just like theirs 'perfect'. Comparison is ugly - no other word to describe it. It's ugly and no matter how you dice it or slice it - it will leave you feeling down, heavy, ungrateful for all you have and ultimately unhappy!!

We need to realize that no one's life perfect. No one has it ALL - and we need to start living OUR lives. What is someone's ideal life is not necessarily your 'ideal' life - what you want is not necessarily what others wants... we are all unique in our ways - and until we stop comparing ourselves with others - we will never find that happiness we all crave to have.

It is a battle - every single day not to fall into that game of comparison - and the way I do it is by first staying away from social media during the day and focus on my to-do's and secondly by filling my life with so much love, inspiration and gratitude!!! Gratitude is the key to a happy and content life - I take the time every single morning to list all that I am grateful for - and 99% of the time health is on that list followed by my family & the sun. So do yourself a favour if you have fallen into that ugly comparison game - STOP, STOP please STOP - You deserve better - start DOING YOU - stay in your lane and take the time to list all your blessings that you are grateful for and I promise - your heart will be happier!!

What are you grateful for today?

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