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Mindset is Everything

I come across so many people in a day - because of what I do - I have to be open to work with different suppliers - and through out my years of being in business I’ve come to recognize that there are two groups of people - The ‘I CAN’ and the ‘I CANT’S’ !!

It bothers me so much when I am in a meeting, we're all brainstorming and I share an idea with the client and the supplier is first to jump in and say - "well that’s not really gonna be possible!!!!" OK hoooooollld on… we all know it’s possible - it’s possible because I am showing you a photo of it - it’s possible because it’s not rocket science and its possible because it's been done before!!! Their mindset is so stuck on “I can’t” - they just don’t want to bother… they are programmed in a way that their first instinct and response to everything is ‘sorry I can’t’.

What kind of a person are you??? Do you jump up right away when someone presents you an opportunity and say ‘ yes I can’ or are you the type that blurts out ‘I can’t’ right away followed by a million excuses as to why you can’t?? If you are the latter - time to shift your mindset - time to start being more open - time to start shifting your thoughts from the negative to the positive. No one in this world will ever move forward with an I can’t" attitude - to move forward, to live a life by design that inspires you, that makes you ROAR & SOAR - you have to be willing to shift your mind to ‘I CAN’ - you can do anything - and don’t let anyone stop you from it.

I am not saying jump without assessing the proposed idea or opportunity - but don’t let your first response be ‘I can’t’. The response that I am training my mind to say right away is - "I would love to" and "anything is possible" . Then you assess - but be the light that shines, be the positive energy that people are attracted to - be the person that can make anything happen - be the person that others want to be around just because they crave and miss you!!!

Be part of the ‘Yes I CAN’ Tribe and of course the #MaddyKTribe

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