Mastermind is a series of Masterclasses for creatives to have in a  small group setting to improve their business. 

These masterclasses will be held in different cities and will be designed specially for creative entrepreneurs to learn and improve their businesses and everyday lives! 

We will be collaborating with different experts and professionals to bring to you these masterclasses - below are some examples of the types of classes we will be hosting across the country throughout the year: 

  • Mindfulness

  • Photoraphy

  • The Art of being still

  • Styling a photoshoot

  • Health & Wellness

  • Money Management

  • How to sell your ideas with exciting proposal

  • The importance of  finding the right colour for your brand

If interested to host a masterclass for your craft - please contact me below and I can help produce, design and market one specifically for you and your industry.