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We always talk about the seasons mother nature goes through. Summer/fall/winter/spring.What we don’t talk about is the seasons we go through in our lives personally!

Welcome to "I Am Madeleine" - 40 years in the making - and just like wine I keep getting better with time -  this is a space of only positive vibes  - I will be sharing my thoughts, my fears, my knowledge, my mess , my truth - this is my journey of self-discovery. I hope that in the process of following my journey - you too will be inspired to start your self-discovery journey of your truth in hopes to live a life by design!!!

If you know me as "Maddy K" - please keep all your pre-conceived notions of who I am at the door - because this is a new space - in this space I have stripped myself from being "Maddy K" - If...

I've been struggling for years now with this question.  You meet someone and within minutes into the conversation - comes the question: So what do you do?? 

Why is it so important what I do? Why do you really care to know?  It's because we are all programmed to categorize people in our heads and put them in a  box.  

So typically the conversation would go like this:

Me: I design events.

Jane: Oh ya?? What kind of events?

Me: All types of events?

Jane: Oh do you do weddings???

Me: Yes we do weddings? OMG so you're a wedding planner - that's so amazing, what a job, do you have any bridezilla stories??


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