Hello Lovelies! 

Welcome to my world!!! My name is Madeleine otherwise known as Maddy K -

Daughter of the Almighty - wife of a wonderful man - mom of two monkeys that I love with all my being - a passionate friend - an event architect - a bridal show producer - a mentor - a business coach - a brand strategist - a stylist - a dreamer -  a creative entrepreneur who is a lover of life!!!! 

For the past 15 years I was fortunate enough to have built a business in something that I was passionate about - Event planning -  I love being surrounded by everything pretty. Going from designing one beautiful event after the other!!! My life was full -  surrounded by wonderful people - an amazing team, great clients -  always being challenged and requested to plan the next 'IT' party... It was a dream job.  

A few years ago I started feeling a huge void in my life - I felt life was passing me by one party at a time - I was stuck living the same year over and over again - but the characters kept changing - I was no longer fulfilled - I needed more - I was ready for something new!!

I am blessed to love what I do and want to keep doing it for a very long time, but it was time to evolve and allow myself to grow outside of the box. There was so much more I wanted to do and did not want to confide to a title or a job.

As I started taking on new projects - the more I realized that my comfort was killing me - I was using being busy as an excuse not to pursue the life that God had intended for me! My fear was paralyzing me.  If I was not MADDY K - THE EVENT PRODUCER - then what was I? Who was I? I was constantly seeking to find ME - but no title fit. 

Why do we need to have titles anyways??  

Why do we need to be restrained and fit in a box!

Why can't we just do everything and anything we are passionate about?? 

As I approached the big 4-0 my heart, my mind and my soul were at a constant battle - It was an internal WAR - who do I listen to - I realized at that moment that my success had been my biggest stumbling block - and it was blocking me from going after all that I wanted and hoped to go for... I had to strip myself from who I was and I had to begin the process of UNBECOMING to allow me to BECOME who God intended me to be all along 





Welcome to my journey.... my thoughts.. my mess ... my truth!