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We always talk about the seasons mother nature goes through. Summer/fall/winter/spring.What we don’t talk about is the seasons we go through in our lives personally!

I hope you've had a fulfilling summer. I hope you've taken the time to smell the roses and to appreciate all the beauty that the beautiful months of spring and summer bring us!!  I also hope you were intentional with your time - because as you already know - time flies!!! 

I tried to be very intentional but it was not good enough - I still have a long list of things that I really wanted to do this summer - and it never got done - long list of experiences I wanted to experience with my kids, my husband, my friends - heck I have a long list of friends I wanted to connect with , reach out to, call, lunch with...but unfortunately only a small per...

We are all striving to be successful, but do we know what success is?

I get so many emails and message of people saying “congratulations on your success” - and I stop and think what are you congratulating me on?  How do you know that I am successful and how are you defining Success??  

I personally find that success is such a widely used term… because we all assume that success is the same for everyone - so if someone has a good career, wealth, seems to be happy (on social media) AAAAAND have lots of followers then they are by default successful!!! 

BUT that’s so far from the truth!! It’s not one size fits all definition … Not everyone is seeki...

Welcome to "I Am Madeleine" - 40 years in the making - and just like wine I keep getting better with time -  this is a space of only positive vibes  - I will be sharing my thoughts, my fears, my knowledge, my mess , my truth - this is my journey of self-discovery. I hope that in the process of following my journey - you too will be inspired to start your self-discovery journey of your truth in hopes to live a life by design!!!

If you know me as "Maddy K" - please keep all your pre-conceived notions of who I am at the door - because this is a new space - in this space I have stripped myself from being "Maddy K" - If...

I come across so many people in a day - because of what I do - I have to be open to work with different suppliers - and through out my years of being in business I’ve come to recognize that there are two groups of people - The ‘I CAN’ and the ‘I CANT’S’ !!

It bothers me so much when I am in a meeting, we're all brainstorming and I share an idea with the client and the supplier is first to jump in and say - "well that’s not really gonna be possible!!!!" OK hoooooollld on… we all know it’s possible - it’s possible because I am showing you a photo of it - it’s possible because it’s not rocket science and its possible because it's been done before!!! Their...

Comparison - Have you ever found yourself scrolling through social media and coming across one photo after the other - and find yourself saying: I want that family! I want that car! OMG she's so lucky! I want her life! I want her hair! I want her boy friend or husband or wife or girlfriend!!! I want her business! I want to dine there! I want that ring! I want to travel around the world just like him! The list is endless - we've all done it at one point or the other - but question is have you ever taken a moment to feel your energy while you're doing it?

How do you feel when you're done scrolling? 

Many years ago - I used to spend hours obsessi...

A few years ago over a cup of coffee in New York City a man asked me: Are you seeking Fame or are you seeking Fortune?  I was confused.  What do you mean I said??  Don't they come hand in hand?? The answer shocked me but was so logical.  

He gave me two name:

The first one was of a world renowned celebrity wedding planner who has done top celebrity weddings, published many books and had numerous TV appearances - if you know anything about weddings - you would know about this person.

The second name -  I had never heard of before in my life.  

He went on asking me who I wanted to be?? No hesitation - the first one!!! At the time I had a...

I've been struggling for years now with this question.  You meet someone and within minutes into the conversation - comes the question: So what do you do?? 

Why is it so important what I do? Why do you really care to know?  It's because we are all programmed to categorize people in our heads and put them in a  box.  

So typically the conversation would go like this:

Me: I design events.

Jane: Oh ya?? What kind of events?

Me: All types of events?

Jane: Oh do you do weddings???

Me: Yes we do weddings? OMG so you're a wedding planner - that's so amazing, what a job, do you have any bridezilla stories??


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